Human Rights Commission announces winners

NEW ULM – The New Ulm Human Rights Commission announced the winners of this year’s poster and essay contests.

The 2013 New Ulm Human Rights Commission essay winners are:

1st place: Michael Sloot, 2nd place (tie): Bridget Grathwohl and Desirae Hertling

The 2013 New Ulm Human Rights Commission poster winners are:

1st place: Kaye Rysdahl, 2nd place: Kendra Nesvold, 3rd place: Kali Neuman

The theme of this year’s contest was “Bullying.” There were entries from various public and private schools emphasizing the fact that bullying is a universal problem in schools.

“We got a record number of submissions. This commission is very thankful and honored that so many students chose to share their talent, their ideas, their opinions and their experiences. I must tell you all that it was not an easy decision and the eight judges found merit in all of the works submitted. All the essays were thoughtful, insightful and worthy of praise,” said Commission Chair Alma Marin as she acknowledged the winners.

“For those of you who have witnessed someone being bullied; whether you spoke up, intervened or took action at that time when you saw someone being bullied, whether you consoled or tried to make the victim feel better later or even if you just spoke against it; this is what will stop this kind of behavior. We all have a different way of approaching situations but the most important thing is that you acknowledge that this kind of behavior is not acceptable.

“For those of you who have victims of bullying let me say first, that there is not a good reason in the world that you deserve to be bullied. That it is your right to be happy and be able to go to school without being made unhappy or afraid.”

Awards were handed out at the Commission meeting April 22 at City Hall. Winning posters as well as other posters submitted will be displayed at the New Ulm Public Library at the beginning of June; just in time for the annual opening of the Library’s Summer Reading Program.

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