Our View, My View

To the editor:

In The Journal on April 18, 2013 Our View the headline was “Senators dealt with their own threat.” My view is the senators defeated a bad bill which didn’t do anything good to protect the children of the country or help the mentally challenged. They should have been more politically correct, not calling someone a “nut job” that wants to buy an assault rifle should have called them mentally challenged. In my opinion the president flew around on your and my dime making speeches, bringing people to Washington – not only people and children from Sandy Hook but he had Gabby Gifford, policemen, fire fighters, and all his union friends and used them as backdrops for his speeches. The View claims one senator, Kentucky’s Rand Paul, had the temerity to accuse the parents of Sandy Hook and other tragedies of being props for the Obama administration in attempts to politicize the tragedy and they also say President Obama was right to castigate Paul and the other senators who put politics ahead of public safety. My view is President Obama is the one who put politics ahead of public safety to get his gun control bill passed, not Rand Paul and the other senators who defeated a bad bill.

In Wednesday 4/24/13 Our View headline was “Try Again-Manchin-Toomey.” The bill was defeated. That bill should be dead, not brought up again. If the bill had passed would the people who opposed the bill have a second chance? They would have a chance like a “snowball” in like you know where of getting a second chance.

President Obama and his liberal administration and liberal friends call people with my view “angry old white men” who cling to their guns, religion, second amendment rights and the constitution. I am an “angry old white man” who clings to my guns, my religion, second amendment and the constitution and am proud of it! This country needs more angry old white men and women and we also need young, angry people who cling to their guns and with the help of God their religion, second amendment and the constitution.

That is MY VIEW and I’m sticking to it!

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm

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