Former New Ulm man has invention lined up

NEW ULM – Brett Linbo has always liked the game of baseball. He played it at New Ulm High School, the New Ulm Legion and Kaiserhoff.

Now Linbo, who is residing in Round Lake, Ill. and college roommate Scott Hanson, have developed an idea that means to improve the swing of both baseball and softball players.

It is called “The Fencebuster.”

“Scott is really the inventor of this,” Linbo said, a 1989 graduate of New Ulm High School. “We were college roommates and he initially brought this idea to me a couple of years ago and he wanted to get it going.

“But about six months ago Scott and I had another conversation about the product and I felt that it was a good idea,” Linbo said.

The Fencebuster is a training device – the only one of its kind – to teach baseball and softball players the necessary momentum that is generated through kinetic energy linking the hips, shoulders and hands to produce the maximum bat speed at contact.

The device is attached to the knob of your bat and it makes sure that you have the proper stance and set up and also addressing the ball.

“There is a laser light attached to The Fencebuster and it is attached to the ball on the batting tee,” Linbo said. “The light gives the batter the feedback that a coach may do – we call the device a ‘coach in a bag,’ It helps you to visually record those muscle memories of where do my hands need to be. When you check the laser light you can always see where your bat is when you start it to make sure it is in the right position. That carries over to when you start your swing and gives that hitter instant feedback.”

Linbo said that The Fencebuster is very new.

“We have had a prototype for just over two years and we just came on the market about a month and half ago,” he said.

At the college level, Linbo said that the St Scholastica baseball coach Corey Kemp told him that they are going to get one.

The price ot The Fencebuster is $59.99 and those who want more information can go to or call Linbo at 847-393-3953.

OLSON RECORD-HOLDER: Martin Luther College baseball pitcher Matt Olson, a freshman from St. Croix Lutheran, had a tryout last year after his senior year of baseball with the Atlanta Braves.

“They gave me a rating of average,” he said. “So we will see what happens.”

Olson’s fastball has been clocked at about 89-90 miles an hour, he said.

He was offered baseball scholarships from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

“I had a lot of interest in schools like the University of North Carolina-Ashville along with North Dakota State,” he said.

Olson is scheduled to pitch one of the two games today at Mueller Park for MLC.

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