No bidders for tax-forfeited lots

NEW ULM – There were no bidders Tuesday at a tax-forfeited auction of 16 Dacotah West Addition lots at the Brown County Courthouse, and the lots remain available for over-the-counter sale at the auditor-treasurer’s office.

A handful of people asked Brown County Assistant Auditor-Treasurer Jean Prochniak questions at the auction but did not make any bids. Bidders are required to provide $1,000 earnest money in the form of checks, money orders or certified checks.

Ronald and Susan Smith of New Ulm signed a Development Agreement with the City of New Ulm on Aug. 1, 2007 for property located on Settler Trail and Benz Circle, north of Cottonwood Street, west of the Cottonwood River, on the south edge of New Ulm. This developed was named Dacotah West Addition.

After a previous unsuccessful attempt to sell the lots, the properties were divided into smaller parcels in an effort to sell them, Prochniak said.

Lots ranged in price from $7,500 for about one-third acre to $25,000 for two lots with up to 1.74 acres. All prices are at appraised values and for cash only. Sales at any other price require county board approval.

All lots will be assessed $25,922 per lot for special assessments upon new construction, or after five years, whichever occurs first, except one lot that will have a permanent exception if there is no construction on it.

Annual taxes for 2012 on the parcels ranged from $315 to $824, Prochniak said.

Two adjacent land parcels of eight lots each are selling for $60,000 and $116,000. Each lot has $7,500 in special assessments to be paid.

Fees and costs collected at time of sale include a $25 state deed fee, $46 deed filing fee, assurance fee calculated at 3 percent of the sale price and a state deed tax calculated according to Minnesota law.

For more information, call 507-233-6616. Visit Click on Departments, Auditor-Treasurer, Property Taxation, Delinquent Tax, 2013 Tax Forfeited Land Sale.

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