Cathedral graduate becomes big story online

BEMIDJI – Ahh, the power of social media.

Bemidji State junior and 2010 New Ulm Cathedral graduate Alex Berg found out first hand just how fast and powerful Twitter can be. Berg ordered Twins tickets on Saturday night online and waited to print off a confirmation to pick up the tickets.

That confirmation never came, so after calling the agency all morning Sunday, he sent out a desperation tweet to Twins closer Glen Perkins.

Usually those kinds of things go ignored and unnoticed. But in Berg’s case, not only did Perkins help out, he was able to get pretty good seats out of the deal as well.

“I ordered the tickets on Saturday and they said to give them 1-3 hours and they email a link to the tickets,” Berg said.?”I’ve gone [through them] before and never had a problem with them. It was about 11:30 [p.m. Saturday night] and I went to bed and woke up at 6:30 the next morning and I didn’t have any tickets.”

After not seeing any information about the tickets, he called and emailed for the next two hours before he sent out a tweet to Perkins asking for help.

Perkins came through about five minutes later, getting Berg four tickets [for Berg, his girlfriend, his grandmother and his cousin] behind home plate for the Sunday afternoon game.

“I was thinking about that on the way to the game, like I wondered why he did that,” Berg said. “It was kind of a last resort [on Berg’s end to send the tweet to Perkins], I wasn’t expecting it. I was leaving to go to New Ulm to get my grandma, we were still going to go regardless. I was in New Ulm and my phone lights up and he said ‘how many?'”

Berg was originally supposed to sit in left field but Perkins came through with tickets behind home plate.

Berg’s story made him an instant celebrity on the campus of Bemidji State University, where he’s majoring in Sport Management and minoring in Mass Communication. His story has been picked up by various media outlets, including USA Today,, the Star Tribune and ESPN 1500 Radio in the cities. He’s also been interviewed by several television stations.

“I’ve had a few people come up to me and say ‘oh, you’re that guy,'” he said. “I had a teacher in a really large class and I honestly didn’t think he knew who I was, I handed in a final and he said ‘oh, you’re a local celebrity now.'”

Berg graduates in December of 2013 from BSU. And if you ask him, this is by far the coolest thing that’s ever happened to him.

“Oh yeah, by far,” he said. “It’s been a little weird being on the other end of the whole media thing. I’ve interviewed some cool people like Christian Laettner over the years, so it’s just kind of cool to be on the other end of it.”

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