Cinco de Mayo important date for all in US

To the editor:

These years that commemorate the 150th anniversary of our tragic Civil War era calls attention to interesting and important events. It brings to light those that had an affect on the outcome of the war and the preservation of our Union.

One such event occurred on the 5th of May in the Mexican State of Puebla where a battle was fought by the Mexican Army against a French Army double their number, intent on conquering Mexico. At the time, this French Army was considered the premier army of the world. The Mexican victory resulted in a great swell of pride and nationalism by the Mexican people. The purpose of the French was to ally with the Confederacy against the Union and the loss in the Battle of Puebla all but ended France’s move to join the South. The battle was also significant in that it was the very last time that any foreign European power attempted to invade any land of the Americas.

The people of Los Angeles in California celebrated this 5th of May because they were Union sympathizers as were most Mexican Americans. In Mexico today it is celebrated only in the State of Puebla.

To recognize this date, the 5th of May or Cinco de Mayo and to celebrate its significance should be an All-American event. Saving our Union was never a certainty and Cinco de Mayo was one of the important events that should be made known to all Americans. Gracias!

Denny Warta

New Ulm

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