Citizens Bank Minnesota ranked in the 2012 top 15th percentile of community banks

NEW?ULM – Seifried & Brew, LLC, a community bank risk management firm, named Citizens Bank Minnesota in its 2012 Top 15th Percentile of Community Banks.

To attain this ranking, Citizens demonstrated exemplary performance of balancing risk and reward based on the bank’s S&B Total Risk/Return Composite Ranking. This is no small feat considering that Citizens not only survived the financial crisis but actually thrived. This achievement supports Seifried & Brew’s belief that conservative, traditional, community banking is the strength of the American financial system.

In S&B’s book, The Art of Capital Planning The “How-To” Guide, the authors clearly demonstrate that the difference between the banks that failed and those that survived the financial crisis, or even those that prospered, was each bank’s ability to optimize risk. While the word “optimize” sounds incongruous with the threats of risk, the truth is that community banks make money from managed risk. Those banks ranking in the 2012 Top 15th Percentile of Community Banks epitomize such optimizations of managed risk.

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