Sleepy Eye Council OKs 5 reductions in property values

SLEEPY EYE – The Sleepy Eye City Council approved five property value reductions Monday at its Annual Board of Review meeting.

Most reductions followed Brown County Assessor’s Office recommendations. They included reductions of $42,000 for Casey Coulson’s single family home that he plans to demolish at 217 1st Avenue South, $22,500 reduction to $153,100 for 34.64 acres of agricultural land owned by Charles Hansen Jr. in the northwest corner of town; $18,000 reduction to $42,100 for commercial property at 300 4th Ave. N.W. owned by Glen and Lisa Schuster; $13,700 reduction to $18,000 for 824 Water St. S.W. owned by Virginia E. Dewell; $14,400 reduction to $14,100, the land value, for 245 Main St. West owned by Glen and Lisa Schuster.

Property values that remained constant were $91,100 for Ann Schultz, 404 Water St. S.W.; and $217,100 for Ron and Mary Berdan, 750 3rd Ave. N.E.

Councilors approved $70,000 worth of additional Snow Farm property improvements including additional Class 5 aggregate and four-inch drain tile on Sixth Avenue S.E.; full-width gravel from the Schreiner to Wurtzberger property including storm sewer, catch basins, water services and hydrant; plus remaining gravel from 6th Ave. S.E. to catch basins and full-width gravel from catch basins to the east line of the Schreiner property.

Sleepy Eye City Manager Mark Kober said a residential lot with six-inch sanitary and water service on the Walnut St. S.E. cul-de-sac sold for the $57,396 listed price. Property closing date is July 19, 2013, at which time the sale becomes public record.

“This is one of those things you have to spend money to make money,” Kober said, regarding the Snow Farm property development costs. “There are many desirable lots. We have people coming in Tuesday morning to deal on them. They’ll want asphalt and curb and gutter. I know some buyers who don’t want basements and love the idea of having a pond in their backyard.”

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