MnDOT and The Three Rs

To the editor:

Public Education has changed through the years. It used to be the Three Rs, Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. Reading is still very important, more so than ever. And wRiting is still important, but now shares more of its task with the computer keyboard. And aRithmetic basics still need to be taught, but the complicated stuff is now done by computer. That is change that is real Progress.

MnDOT has its Three Rs too – Roadways, Ripplestrips and Roundabouts. Roadways are something we need more of, and those we already have need a lot of maintenance. They always will, but it takes lots of $$$$$. Now the Ripplestrips and Roundabouts? We are getting a lot more of them in the last few years. But are we so sure that’s Progress?

Ripplestrips are way overdone. They are beyond helpful. They have become an irritant because they are now continuous instead of spaced out like they used to be. And Roundabouts are supposed to slow down the highway death rate, but for most everybody else they are a Pain in the Avenue. Why not stop wasting money on those two R?s and instead put the funds into building and maintaining safer Roadways?

Put those dollars into U.S. Highway 14 so it gets to be a safer 4-lane roadway instead of the 2-lane highway of death that it is now. Get the state highway death rate down by making Highway 14 safer, and stop spending money on the ripples and donuts.

Dennis Born

New Ulm

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