Washington students win poster contest

NEW ULM – Ever wonder where the rain goes once it hits the ground? That depends on what it lands on and where the water will shed. If it hits a roof, it might go into a gutter and then down a downspout into a grassed lawn. If it hits a parking lot, it can’t soak in so it travels to the lowest point until it reaches an area that it may travel to a retention pond or grass area. If it lands on the soil, it will soak into the ground and travel to the groundwater aquifer. But if it lands on bare ground it might cause erosion, depending on the amount of rain.

This year, Brown County students submitted posters highlighting the Where Does Your Water Shed? theme. Brown SWCD received 93 posters this year, all of which were done by sixth grade students of Dennis Ellingson at Washington Elementary in New Ulm.

Each poster entrant received an evergreen tree seedling for participating with cash prizes for the top three winners. Winning poster artists for Brown County were: Iyanna Wieland (1st Place), Emma Maudal (2nd Place), and Aubrey Hauser (3rd Place). The three finalists’ posters will move on to the Area VI competition in June.

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