Public notices, May 20, 2013


(May 20, 27, 2013)


City of New Ulm

100 North Broadway-

New Ulm, Minnesota


The City of New Ulm

will receive sealed bids






Until 10:00 A.M.,

Wednesday, June 26,

2013, at the City of

New Ulm, 100 North

Broadway, New Ulm,

Minnesota 56073, at

which time all bids will

be opened and read

aloud in the City Hall

Council Chambers.

Envelopes containing

bids must be sealed,

marked (“BID, CITY



COATING”) with the

name and address of

the bidder and the date

and hour of the open-

ing and addressed to

the Finance Director at

City Clerk’s Office

delivered to the City

Clerk’s office where,

upon receipt, they will

be stamped by the Fi-

nance Director with

the date and time re-

ceived. Bidders are in-

vited to attend the

opening. Bids received

after 10:00 A.M.,

Wednesday, June 26,

2013 will be returned


A pre-bid meeting will

be held at The City of

New Ulm Recreation

Center, 122 South

Garden Street, New

Ulm,Minnesota, at

10:00 A.M., Wednes-

day, June 12, 2013.

Attendance at the pre

bid meeting is manda-

tory for all prospective

bidders. A bid received

from a bidder that did

not attend the pre bid

meeting will be re-

turned unopened. Bids

shall be made upon bid

forms provided by the

City of New Ulm. No

oral, electronic or

telephonic proposals or

modifications will be


The complete bid form

shall be submitted

without alterations, ad-

ditions, or erasures. All

bids must be on a

lump sum basis. The

City of New Ulm

reserves the right to

reject any or all bids,

to waive formalities,

and to reject noncon-


non-responsive or con-

ditional bids.

Bidding documents, in-

cluding the Bid Form,

Drawings and Specifi-

cations, will be on file

at the office of the pro-

jectengineer, Roof

Spec, Inc., 2400 Prior

Avenue N, St. Paul,

MN 55113, phone


The project includes:

Coating of Interior

Walls, Sealant Re-

placement, Mortar In-

stallation at Voids

The Engineer will have

complete sets of the

Bidding Documents

available for pick up by

prospective bidders

and subcontractors at

2400 Prior Avenue St.

Paul, MN 55113 for a

fee of $50.00. The fol-

lowing information

must accompany the

request: Company

name, mailing ad-

dress, street address,

phone, and facsimile

numbers. Complete

sets of bidding docu-

ments will be available

at the pre bid meeting.

Each bidder must sub-

mit with their bid a

Cashier’s Check, Bid

Bond, or Certified

Check equal to 5% of

the total amount of the

Bid payable to the City

of New Ulm as a

guarantee of prompt

execution of the con-

tract in accordance-

with the Proposal and

Contract Documents.

The successful bidder

will be required to fur-

nish satisfactory Labor

and Material Payment

Bond, and a Perfor-

mance Bond.

The Contractor and

their employees per-

forming the Work must

have successfully

completed a minimum

of (5) projects similar

in nature, scope and

size (the total cost of

each of the five (5)

previous projects shall

be within twenty five

percent (25%) of the

amount of the bid sub-

mitted for this project.)

Contractors shall pro-

vide evidence of ex-

perience and previous

project name, date,

nature, scope and size

with the bid form.

Bids may not be with-

drawn within Thirty

(30) days after the

scheduled time of

opening bids without

the consent of the City

of New Ulm.

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