Done on time

The Minnesota Legislature finished its session Monday on time and it completed the essential task of passing a balanced budget.

Grading the session depends on who you talk to. Gay marriage advocates would give it an A+. Businesses would give it a D-, based on the tax increases. Cities and counties would grade it a B for the Local Government Aid and property tax relief those taxes will fund, and for the fact that they no longer have to pay sales tax on their purchases. (We never understood the idea of government taxing government.)

Educators would give it a high B, thanks to the investment in education. Unions would give it an A thanks to the day care workers unionization vote. Day care owners would give it an F.

There were good things and bad things in the session. We are disappointed that Gov. Dayton’s initial push to revamp the tax system fell by the wayside and devolved into tax increases. We are happy to see K-12 education funding formulas getting a much needed adjustment after years of stagnation, and nursing home and assisted living workers are certainly overdue for a raise.

We are disappointed that the Legislature could not come up with an anti-bullying statute for schools to improve on the current innefectual, 37-word law.

We were not disappointed with the failure of a bill to give drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants, nor with the failure of the minimum wage increase.

Like most sessions there is something, good and bad, for everyone.

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