Confront the fossil fuel industry

To the editor:

The large amount of carbon dioxide and other heat trapping gases in the atmosphere resulting from burning fossil fuels has created a warmer planet and an atmosphere which can hold more moisture. The resulting buildup of energy is then released as stronger, more severe storms.

We cannot continue to allow the fossil fuel companies and their hired guns to block attempts to move to a renewable energy future.

The climate scientists had predicted that our storms, droughts, and floods would become worse if we did nothing to avert climate change. If we continue to allow the earth’s temperature to go even higher than it currently is, we can expect more category 5 tornadoes and severe damage to property and loss of life.

Further information on climate change can be obtained at where an episode from May 17, 2013, Hot in My Backyard, can be heard. will also be organizing citizen groups to confront the fossil fuel industries this summer. Please check their web site to see how you can become involved.

John Kluge, M,D.

Mary Kluge

New Ulm

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