Where will it end?

To the editor:

Where will it end?

Is it not enough that nine brilliant Supreme court judticees say it is legal to kill babies even before they draw their first breath and even some after a few breaths are left to die of starvation or hypothermia. Our government then outlawed the ten commandments from our public school classrooms, and our county, state and federal courthouses and other public buildings. Then we find in some states legalized same-sex marriages and on the agenda on many others.

In some states they are now voting to allow doctors to kill people that have some physical or mental defect. They call it death with dignity but if were not murder they wouldn’t need to try calling it a dignified name.

Will our next agenda have fining clergy for conducting church services on Sundays? Maybe even having a rosary or prayer book in our home be illegal? This may be a little over reaching but the trend is fast moving in that direction. When will we say enough and vote out of office everyone who has ever voted for any of these evil things?

It is time we encourage our people to put God’s laws as our guiding light and forget about the man-made laws that brought us nothing but evil things to our livelihoods, such as increased murder, abortion,divorce, theft and any other evil thing. Many of these have more than doubled. Is this really the kind of world we want to live in? When God’s laws guided our everyday activities we had a much better environment to bring up a family.

We pray for rain and good weather and full employment and then slap God in the face by voting in those people that have made all these evil law that trashed Gods laws. The man-made laws give us earthly treasures, but only God can and does give us the heavenly treasures that we all are striving to receive. Slapping God in the face is probably not the best way to ask for favors. Likely no one would like to jeopardize the their eternal heavenly treasure for a few years of earthly treasure.

Lerry Peichel

Sleepy Eye

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