Yellow tubes replaced on Highway 14 Nicollet to North Mankato

MANKATO – Motorists are advised to drive with care on Highway 14 from Nicollet to North Mankato the week of June 3 as crews replace the yellow delineators down the centerline.

The extreme heat on May 13 and high winds caused many of the delineators to fail and the Minnesota Department of Transportation subsequently, removed all delineators in the problem area. The delineators will now be secured with bolts to prevent any future problems with extreme temperatures.

The delineators were installed last fall to alert distracted drivers on Highway 14 from Nicollet to North Mankato where head-on crashes have been significantly higher than the state average. No head-on crashes have been reported since the safety project was completed, said MnDOT.

The highway was resurfaced and restriped with the yellow delineators as part of an interim safety project that included an eight-foot median with tube delineators every 50 feet to make motorists more aware of the center of the roadway. Rumble strips were also part of the safety measures and are placed on both the outside shoulder and the inside median to further alert drivers.

MnDOT plans to expand Highway 14 to four lanes from Nicollet to North Mankato in 2017-18, as announced by Governor Mark Dayton in June 2012.

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