Bigger scandals ahead

To the editor:

The IRS waste and political abuse scandals are appalling. At the rate of politicization and waste of government, in ten years there may very well be another IRS scandal that will make these scandals appear to be a stroll through the lily field.

The IRS is a redundant revenue collection agency, the individual state have such offices also. Call your congressman and have the IRS core duties contracted out to the individual states and territories. The federal government can work out a formula with each of the 50 states and US territories to collect and forward revenue to the federal treasury using an agreed upon formula. States will have the ability to earn revenue by billing the federal government for tax collection; the federal government may reduce the size of its revenue collection workforce and overhead by more than 95 percent making more funds available for Congress to perform important functions of the federal government.

Complaining and giving a few individuals a forced early federal retirement will not fix the scandal problem; the issues are endemic to the federal revenue collection system. With a small federal revenue code and contracted revenue collection, that professor with dubious credentials cannot influence the lawmakers to force you to eat broccoli twice a week.

Corie Langbehn


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