Brown County Planning Commission OKs permits

NEW ULM – The Brown County Planning Commission approved an application combining, renewing and amending a conditional use permit (CUP) Tuesday to allow up to 1600 head of beef steers in a Stately Township finishing operation.

The site in the application of Justin and Carrie Roiger contains a 55×100, 70×90, 40×190, and two 60×125 feet open lots all with runoff controls; a 100×450 foot mono-slope barn; and a 98x425x9 1/2 foot deep earthen runoff collection basin, all in the A-1 Agricultural Protection Zoning District. There will be no herd expansion at the site, according to the application.

Manure generated at the facility will be applied to cropland at agronomic rates consistent with the current manure management plan. Liquid manure applied to farm fields shall not exceed two times a year. Manure must be injected into the soil or may be spread on fields with incorporation into the soil, when feasible, within 12 hours of spreading, according to recommended conditions.

Commissioners approved:

Steven Hansen’s application in Stately Township renewing a CUP for continued use of property as a contractor yard for an existing construction business in the A-1 Agricultural Protection Zone.

Preliminary Plat single-lot splits by Willis and JoAnn Lochner, aka W&J Lochner Subdivision, Home Township; by the Eleanora Haber Estate, aka Haber Subdivision, Home Township; and by Larry and Ruth Potter, aka Potter First Subdivision, Burnstown Township. All properties being platted are existing home sites being split from tillable land.

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