District 84 Board views 2013-14 budget

SLEEPY EYE – The District 84 Board of Education received a preliminary 2013-14 district budget presentation Thursday from district finance director Brian Pederson.

Projected estimated revenues for the period are $6,903,307 while estimated expenses are $7,092,062, causing the district to use $188,755 of its undesignated/unreserved fund, estimated at $1,404.479 at the end of next school year.

Superintendent John Cselovszki said the recent Minnesota Legislature passed a bill that allows the district to levy $300 per pupil unit because the district has no current excess levy. Some of the levy would include state money, the exact amount to be determined.

Although the board recently approved a resolution for a fall excess levy referendum vote, Cselovszki said the discretionary levy approved by the Legislature may mean the district won’t hold a referendum vote this year.

“We’ll know more in September when we get more budget details,” Cselovszki said Friday.

The board also:

Approved contracts for Jeannine Backer, 1.0FTE $40,144 high school math/intervention teacher; $31,688, 1.0 FTE?high school English contract and $1,000 prom advisor for Addison Sadler; $32,216, .87 FTE?high school counseling contract for Amber Dell-Green (subject to funding/benefits and St. Mary’s High School enrollment numbers), a $35,573, 1.0 FTE high school special education contract for Nichole Voigt; and a $25,350, .80 art teacher contract for Alyssa Matties.

Approved Title 3 consortium with St. James for 2013-14 to ensure English learners and immigrant students achieve English proficiency and meet state standards.

A one-year leave request for elementary teacher Gwen Rossbach for the 2013-14 school year if the district finds a suitable replacement.

Resignations from junior high boys basketball coach Matt Hardin and assistant tennis coach Jordan Rathman.

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