Public notices, June 16, 2013


(June 16, 2013)




Kretsch, on behalf of

Eagle Development,

LLC, has filed an appli-

cation with the City of

New Ulm for a Condi-

tional Use Permit to al-

low an apartment

building with approxi-

mately 39 units to be

located on property

zoned B-3 (General

Business District) and

legally described as

the Rear 49′ of the

North ? of Lot 14, the

South ? of Lot 14,

Lots 11-13, and Sublot

A and B, Lot 10, Block

64 South of Center

Street; and

WHEREAS, Timothy

Rahe, on behalf of

M.R. Paving and Ex-

cavating, Inc., has

filed an application

with the City of New

Ulm for a Conditional

Use Permit to allow

the following: 1) the

operation of a compost

facility, burn site and

demolition transfer fa-

cility; 2) the production

of compost and mulch;

and 3) the sale of

these products as well

as landscape and

hardscape materials,

to be located on pro-

perty zoned I-1

(Planned Industrial

District) and R-A (Agri-

cultural Residence

District) and legally

described as Part of

Lots 1 and 2, Block 2,

City of New Ulm First

Industrial Subdivision;

Part of Outlots 42, 43,

44 and 53; and Part of

Bottomlands Outlot 20.

WHEREAS, the City

Code requires that

these matters be con-

sidered by the New

Ulm Planning Commis-




pursuant to the City

Code, the New Ulm

Planning Commission

will meet at 4:30 P.M.

on Thursday, June 27,

2013 in the City Hall

Council Chambers,

100 North Broadway,

New Ulm, Minnesota

to consider these

matters. The public

and all interested par-

ties are hereby notified

of said hearings.

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