Civil War monument proposed

NEW ULM – The Civil War/Gettysburg/New Ulm ad hoc committee is seeking public input for a new monument for the city.

The proposed Civil War Memorial would be designed as a stone obelisk with blue base and top with a grey divider through the middle to symbolize the conflict. The project will be entirely funded by donations, with no money requested from the City of New Ulm.

However, organizers are seeking public input before settling on the final design. A wooden replica of the proposed monument has been placed inside City Hall for public inspection.

The proposed design would involve each of the four sides focusing the conflict, such as one side for the Battle of Shiloh or for the Battle of Gettysburg. Each side will have a picture encased in Plexiglas and a plaque giving details on topics ranging from the battles to the contributions of Minnesota soldiers.

Denny Warta, who has spearheaded the project, said the monument was proposed because most of the Minnesota memorials to the Civil War are located at the battle locations in other states. There is interest in building a monument that could be visited by Minnesotans.

The monument’s potential location has not yet been selected. Current proposals have ranged from Riverside Park to the space behind the Glockenspiel to close proximity to sports fields.

Comments on the design or suggestions for its location can be submitted to

The work on the monument is also part of larger project by the ad hoc committee to host “The Civil War, Gettysburg and New Ulm: The 150th Commemoration” event on July 3 in New Ulm. The date is the last day of the national observance of the 150th anniversary of conclusion of the Battle of Gettysburg.

The group has received a $1,000 grant from the Minnesota Civil Commemorative Task Force to put on the event. Current plans involve several speeches about Minnesota soldiers who fought in the Civil War, a play by NUACT on the story of “Taps,” the melody that is traditionally played by a bugler at the funeral of a veteran. Concerts are also planned. The event will end with a reciting of the Gettysburg Address, firing by the New Ulm Battery and a performance of “Taps.”

The group is also currently working to have Gov. Mark Dayton speak at the event

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