‘What is this all about?’

NEW ULM – Oh, the stories he could tell!

Wait, he did; and his new book is just the tip of the iceberg!

And what an iceberg that is!

New Ulm and world beware: Denny Warta – the man many of us consider a true legend, and not just a local one; the mover and shaker who needs no introduction – tells all, in a new book just out.

The first signing is Friday, June 21, at Sven and Ole’s Books in downtown New Ulm.

The book is an incredibly rich source of stories, reminiscences, writings, ideas, research and observations, by someone who has led a much fuller, much more interesting life that most.

Spanning a formidable wealth of topics, it represents Warta’s remarkably diverse interests, unique philosophy, a depth of wisdom that comes with living life to the fullest, and a global outreach that’s almost shocking for someone so locally grounded!

The book documents Warta’s encounters with people both very, and somewhat less, famous; and Warta is the biggest “people person” you’ll ever to know!

“Over many years, I have been writing about many and varied ideas, opinions and events, with the intention of saving my thoughts for my own future use, as well as for my family,” Warta explains in a forward.

“Recently, my friend Sven Eelma, upon reading some of these papers, suggested the idea of compiling these many writings into a book. Knowing the work and effort required to accomplish this, I hesitantly said OK.”

“I have been blessed with good health and with a very inquisitive mind,” said the 85-year-old Warta, a retired businessman, politician, avid fund raiser for public causes, and an all-around public figure.

He explains his book in a typical, headlong Warta fashion (you can just see the chuckle behind the statement):

“I have yet to find a topic or subject which I do not have a desire to research further, and this leads to conclusions which can only be satisfied with further research, and about that time another topic or subject appears, and that is why there is no logical sequence to these areas of study.”

“Before we started on this endeavor some months ago, I knew Denny to be a wonderful storyteller,” says Warta’s editor and publisher, Sven Eelma.

“At that point, I did not have an appreciation for the depth of his knowledge and experience. … Denny has a short essay entitled ‘To Savor.’ This is a theme that you will see throughout the book. This is also what the reader should do with this book, bit at a time, savor the stories within.”

Warta’s grandson, Josef, makes a pertinent observation about the book:

“This is not a book meant to alter your philosophy, change your values or tell you that you are wrong; this is a book that will make you see common aspects of life in a unique, eye-opening way.”

The Warta-Eelma duo say they have “no idea” how the book will sell. (I think I do.) The initial print run is 400 copies. The book will be distributed through local vendors, including Sven and Ole’s, Lambrecht’s Gifts, Riverbend Business Products, and the Brown County Museum.

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