Sex abuse not unique to Catholic Church

To the editor:

Before anyone jumps to pointing all fingers at the Catholic Church for claims of sexual abuse, do your research. There is abuse in every faith practice out there.

I am a victim of abuse and want to publicly praise the Catholic Church for its awesome prayers and support they have shared with me. My abuser is a Lutheran, and when I went public with my abuse, I was asked to leave the Lutheran church for “stirring up trouble.”

Sexual abusers are in every culture, race, religious order, country, etc… not just in the Catholic Church. These abusers need great prayer, as only in rare instances can they be healed in gaining control of their sickness. Because the Lutheran church asked me to leave and seal my lips, my abuser is still a free man, capable of adding more victims to his list. No amount of money can give a victim back what he or she has lost, but prayer and God’s amazing love can bless a victim with a new life, free from the bondages of being a victim of sexual abuse.

Peggy Schlumpberger

New Ulm

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