Legislators, do what’s best for Minnesota

To the editor,

Under federal law, Minnesotans will have access to a Health Care Insurance Exchange to buy Health Care Insurance. The 2013 Minnesota Legislature had two choices.

First: do nothing and let the federal government impose a national Health Care Exchange on Minnesota.

Second: create a Minnesota Health Care Exchange.

The 2013 Minnesota Legislature wisely chose to create a Minnesota Health Care Exchange. Unfortunately, our local legislators (Rep. Torkelson, and Sen. Dahms) chose to vote against creating the Minnesota Health Care Exchange.

Why is a Minnesota Health Care Exchange a good thing? First of all, Minnesota Law provides several consumer protections that might not be provided in health care insurance policies offered by a national exchange. Second, Minnesota Law requires that certain health care procedures are covered, which might not be provided under a national plan. Third, the Minnesota Health Care Exchange will be run by and overseen by a board of Minnesota citizens, not a federal agency.

Starting in 2014, small businesses, farmers, and other individuals will be able to buy health care coverage through the Minnesota Insurance Exchange. Starting in 2014 a Minnesota citizen with a preexisting health condition will be able to buy health care insurance without fear of the policy not being issued or the rate being jacked up so high that the person cannot afford it.

It is disappointing that our local legislators chose not to support the creation of the Minnesota Health Care Exchange. I realize that hatred of Obama Care is almost a religious belief for many Republicans like Torkelson, and Dahms, but at some point these “representatives of the people” need to set aside their partisan hatred of Obama Care and start doing what is best for Minnesota.

Joe Kriegl

Redwood Falls

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