PUC approves opening bidding for Water Dept. projects

NEW ULM – The Public Utilities Commission approved opening five Water Department projects for bids on Tuesday.

The projects cover many improvement measures. The PUC previously bonded for $2.95 million for various projects, and the five projects are expected to cost $1.324 million.

The most prominent project is the Hermann Heights Water Main improvement and Water Tower Demolition. It is a continuation of the new Nehls Park water tower project. It involves removing the Hermann Heights tower and constructing large diameter water mains from the larger Center Street pipes to east of Bianchi Drive by having the pipes go through the parks. No date has been set yet for the water tower demolition. The project will cost $250,000.

The Water System SCADA System Upgrade project deals with the SCADA system, which is a combination of software, sensors, relays and other electronic items that monitor the city’s water system. Because parts are no longer available for the current system, upgrades are essential for the real-time feedback needed to run the system. The project will cost $534,000.

The Municipal Airport water tower will be painted. The tower has not been painted since its 1988 construction. New paint will help prevent erosion to ensure the tower’s continued operation. The project will cost $250,000.

The Pressure Reducing Station at Boundary and 23rd North streets project tackles the problem of certain areas at the edges of the city lacking the infrastructure to provide ideal levels of water flow during an emergency like a major fire. The most severely affected area is the industrial and commercial development along Broadway from 19th North to 22nd North. The pressure reducing station will connect high and low pressure areas for the first time, lowering the pressure across its area to allow the maximum water flow possible. The improvement will help in an emergency and may lower insurance costs for the PUC. The project will cost $160,000.

The 3.0 MG and 4.5 MG ground storage tanks at Heinenhill Street and the New Ulm Country Club will have their exterior masonry renewed. The project will cost $130,000.

These projects are intended to be completed this year.

(Josh Moniz can be e-mailed at jmoniz@nujournal.com)

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