Republicans should settle Brodkorb case

This week a Minnesota Senate panel approved another $500,000 for Senate Republicans’ legal fees in the lawsuit filed by Michael Brodkorb.

It’s time for this fiasco to be over. The Senate has already stuck taxpayers with $228,000 in legal fees in the suit, brought by Brodkorb after he was fired when his affair with then Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch was made public. Brodkorb insists he was treated much more harshly than female staffers who had affairs with male legislators.

Be that as it may, it is time for the Senate Republicans to either settle this suit or pay their own legal fees.

It is ironic when Sen. Dave Thompson, a Republican from Lakeville who announced his intent to run for governor, blasts DFLers for treating taxpayers “…like ATM machines.”

At least when the DFLers raised taxes last session it was for things like schools, roads and college building projects.

Senate Republicans are using taxpayers as an ATM for their own legal battles. They’ve withdrawn $728,000 so far, with no end in sight. They should settle it or pay their own legal bills.

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