Motorcycle fatality

NEW ULM – A three-vehicle crash involving a motorcyclist being ejected from his vehicle occurred Wednesday at 5:51 p.m. at the Highway 15 exit onto Shag Road.

The motorcyclist died as a result of the accident. The State Patrol identified him as Kurt A.Winkler, age 53, of New Ulm.

The State Patrol report indicated that the motorcyclist and two other vehicles were traveling south on Highway 15.

Winkler, who was not wearing a helmet, was driving a 2001 Kawasaki Road/Street motorcycle when he collided with a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire. The Pontiac then collided with the rear of a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The report indicates that Danielle D. Huber, age, 32, of Fairmont, was driving the Pontiac. The Patrol’s initial report on Wednesday night listed Vernon J. Kitzberger, age 58, of New Ulm, as a person in the Jeep. However, The Patrol later updated the report to identify Pamela J. Kitzberger of New Ulm as the driver of the Jeep. Hubert and Kitzberger, who were wearing seatbelts, had no injuries, the report stated.

No alcohol was detected in any of the individuals involved.

The cyclist crashed into the back of a vehicle waiting for another vehicle ahead of it to turn onto Shag Road, according to witnesses at the scene.

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