Rosen considers run for governor

FAIRMONT – Sen. Julie Rosen (R-Fairmont) is “close” making a decision to run as a Republican gubernatorial candidate in the 2014 election.

Rosen, who been on the list of Republican political watchers for years as an ideal candidate for higher office, said she is finally likely to do so. Strong encouragement from friends and colleagues is influencing her decision.

“It’s a very real possibility [that I run],” said Rosen.

Rosen, who has served in the Minnesota Senate from 2003, could be formidable challenge to Gov. Mark Dayton, because she is a woman and because enjoys relative popularity as a lawmaker.

However, she may face a very challenging battle to win the Republican endorsement or even a primary race. She was chief author and a major player in passage of the Vikings stadium bill, which grew heavy criticism from many state Republicans.

In a general election run, she could face criticism for voting in favor of the controversial constitutional amendments for voter ID and banning same-sex marriage. She was also against the statewide moratorium on frack sand mining, which has increasingly become an issue in out-state areas.

Rosen did not give a specific timeline on when she would decide if she is running for governor. But, she said she hopes to make the decision very soon.

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