Harkin Store hosts carnival

NEW ULM – The Harkin Store held a small carnival on its grounds Sunday to provide fun for children and adults seeking a bit of knowledge about history.

The event drew more than 90 visitors by late afternoon, and attendance was expected to exceed 100 visitors by the end of the day.

The organizers, who had to face the day’s nearly 90-degree heat in authentic period clothing from the late 1800s, showed off crafts and activities from that period. Children competed in tossing clothes pins into jars and constructed simple catapults from wooden sticks, which were used to launch marshmallows. Lemonade and watermelon slices were provided. The staff also conducted tours of the historic store.

Randy Albrecht, of Fairfax, brought his three sons to the event because it provides rich history without requiring an extensive drive. He has enjoyed the site in the past with his other children. He said he appreciated the unique view into history the Harkin Store provides.

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