Simply Food: Ella’s Shrimp Dinner

The Monros are back in Las Vegas. It’s so nice to be in our home and not living out of a suitcase anymore. Don’t get me wrong, that was a fun trip. We saw so many amazing cities: New Orleans, Panama City, Savannah, Hilton Head, and Atlanta. Our last week in Atlanta was amazing. We went to the zoo, Centennial Olympic Park, the aquarium, the Coca Cola building, the CNN building, and Stone Mountain. I couldn’t get any of the kids to go to the museums with me. Some teens have an aversion to museums.

Both of my stepchildren, Archie and Ella, are finally in town. I am happiest when I have all four children under one roof. I can’t believe my kids are 13, 15, 17 and 19 now. How did they get so old when I am not aging? It’s weird.

Archie arrived on the Fourth of July. As we drove down the freeway to the airport, we actually saw his Virgin Atlantic plane fly over our heads. I took a picture of the plane. We were so excited. I love that anxious eager feeling I get as we wait for our children to emerge from the gate. It’s so much better than crying as we leave the airport after dropping them off to go home. I am not going to think about that right now. They are here and I will enjoy each second of it. I keep trying to talk them into staying for at least a year. We’ll see if I can.

I invited some friends and family over to celebrate Archie’s arrival and the Fourth of July. We went straight to the grocery store to get some food to barbecue. We needed to get some special treats for Archie. There are a few items he enjoys when he gets here that he can’t buy in England. Root beer and Lucky Charms are two of those key items. For Ella, it is root beer and Cocoa Pebbles.

Archie immediately asked if he could get 1919 root beer. I told him they didn’t sell it in Las Vegas. He had to do with A&W. He was disappointed. He said that 1919 is his absolute favorite root beer. Maybe I can order some? I’ll have to look into that. Turned out to be much too hot to cook on the grill. Instead, we cooked everything indoors with the air conditioning on high. It’s been over 110 degrees all week here in Las Vegas. I think it was about 117 degrees on the Fourth. Ouch!

We decided that each one of us would make a special dish for the dinner. Claud was in charge of the burgers. I made potato salad. Daphne made a vegan version of potato salad. She has decided to go vegan. Archie and Jack didn’t end up helping. Archie was pretty jet lagged. Jack was disinterested.

Ella wanted to make a shrimp dish she likes. I love learning about everyone’s favorite dish. So, I told her to go for it and watched and learned.

You may think it’s crazy that I am writing about a shrimp recipe when I wrote not too long ago that I was completely sick of shrimp. Well, Ella loves shrimp. She calls them “prawns.” I guess the English don’t call them shrimp. I was so happy to hear that she has a special recipe she likes to make. Also, it is nice to eat shrimp that isn’t fried. She started by sauting onions in butter and adding in some garlic. That got me interested. Most dishes that begin with butter, onions and garlic are going to be delicious. I know, butter is not very good for us. It was a holiday, right? We can let it slide. I will soon get back to eating healthier soon.

In the end, the recipe was pretty simple and easy to make. She added paprika and soy sauce. Then, she cooked the shrimp in this sauce. Normally, she told me, she would put the shrimp and sauce over rice. This time, we didn’t make any rice since we were already having potato salad. It was so delicious even without the rice. I never would have thought that soy sauce and paprika would taste so good. I am sure the butter helped a lot.

Claud threw some of the shrimp straight onto his burger. He said it was incredible. Everyone loved Ella’s part of the meal. It was the big hit of the dinner.

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