The Hot Shots Prayer

To the editor:

Thank you for printing the article, “Bless Our Hot Shot Crew,” on the front page of The Journal (7/10/13). Following is the prayer in its entirety:

The Hot Shots Prayer

When I am called to duty, Lord,

To fight the roaring blaze,

Please keep me safe and strong…

I might be here for days.

Be with my fellow crewmembers

As we hike up to the top.

Help us to cut enough line

for this blaze to stop.

Let my skills and hands

Be firm and quick.

Let me find those safety zones

As we hit and lick.

Or if this day on the fire

I should answer death’s call,

Lord, bless my hot shot crew,

My family one and all.

Tracie Welton

New Ulm

(Mother of a wildland


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