Quist’s attitude is what’s wrong with DC

To the editor:

I read the recent letter to the editor by Allen Quist. I found his attack on Tim Walz the epitome of what is wrong in Washington.

Mr. Quist seemed to forget that just a few weeks ago Congressman Walz voted for the bipartisan Farm Bill, passed out of the Republican controlled committee. This would reduce spending and give much needed reform.

This was a bill that included cuts to the SNAP program that Mr. Quist has so desperately desired and then forgets to even mention it.

This country was built on compromise. (This means give and take, not just one way!!) And rather than have common sense reforms, Allen Quist would rather take an extreme – yes, extreme – position on one of the most bi-partisan bills to come before Congress and create more gridlock in Washington.

I think Mr. Quist isn’t interested in what is right for southern Minnesotans, he’d rather shut down Congress than have a bipartisan, common-sense bills pass.

Tim Walz iz one of the only people working for us.

I went on youtube video and watched his talk before Congress and was so proud of him and so proud he was our representative.

Darlene Nelson


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