City cites 15 blight violations

NEW ULM – Police cited 15 Ordinance 8.63 (blight) violations and sent letters to property owners Monday on South Valley, Front, Jefferson, Payne, Jefferson, State Streets and Crestview Drive.

Violators of the blight ordinance were asked to contact police at 233-6750 if they have questions about the letters, including whether an additional week for clean-up compliance is possible.

Property owners who don’t respond may be issued tab charges and required to make Brown County Court appearances for the storage of junk cars, household furnishings, etc. on public or private property, according to the letter.

It is unlawful to place unlicensed, unregistered or inoperable motor vehicles, trailers or recreational vehicles; household furnishings or appliances, parts of components, pieces, chunks or blocks of concrete, wood, or other building material, except as part of a sidewalk, driveway, or curb on public or private property other than a properly zoned junkyard, unless housed in a lawfully erected building, according to the ordinance.

Any violation is declared to be a nuisance. Upon seven days written notice to the owner of private premises on which such material is found, the City may remove the material and certify the cost of removal as a special assessment.

According to a letter to property owners, New Ulm Police surveyed residential, commercial and industrial property for potential violations.

Violations that seem minor in nature may pose possible public safety/health threats. For example, a stack of tires may provide habitat for mosquitoes. Rodents living among building materials or under inoperable vehicles are another example.

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