U (we) paying too much for health care coverage?

According to a Minnesota Public Radio report, the University of Minnesota may have to scale back its health care coverage to avoid the Obamacare’s massive tax penalty on “Cadillac coverage.”

Some may decry the fact that University of Minnesota employees won’t get to keep their health plan, but on the other hand, the U (which is really “we” the people who support it with taxes) maybe should look at the cost of its plan, especially in view of its tuition increases over the past several years.

Right now, U of M employees don’t pay deductibles under their health plans. None. Under the changes proposed, they would have to pay $100 to $400, depending on their plan. Try finding a health plan in the private sector where the deductible doesn’t start at $500 to $1,000, if there is a plan at all.

And co-pays for office visits? Currently those covered by the U pay $15 per visit. Under the new proposal they might have to pay $25. That’s pretty much at a par with most health plans.

Union officials, of course, are terribly unhappy at the prospect of higher costs for their union members.

Taxpayers should be wondering, however, why these kind of changes weren’t made years ago.

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