NUPD and Rasmussen

To the editor:

Regarding the recent Mathew Rasmussen driving incident, what else does he have to do before he is held accountable?

He was driving with excessive speed in a residential zone, no warning siren or lights, and is responsible for the death of two people.

If it would have been Joe Citizen he would have been found guilty of vehicular homicide. What the grand jury was thinking, I will never know. I served on a federal grand jury about 10 years ago in Minneapolis for one year, so I have experience.

Police Chief Myron Wieland inflicted severe punishment by docking Rasmussen three days pay. Wieland knew Rasmussen’s record, and yet trusted him with a squad car all by himself. Myron, how do you sleep at night? Remember, you can’t be a buddy with the whole NUPD. If you accept the job of chief, then be a leader. You are finding out that it is lonely at the top.

Don’t forget, NUPD, that another responsibility that you have when you took the job is giving good example to the younger generation. I think after all this dies down you will have to do some explaining to the younger crowd when you want to arrest them for unreasonable acceleration, reckless driving or speeding.

When two people die because of the actions of one policeman, makes me wonder if their aren’t more weeds in the NUPD garden.

Paul B. Hoffman

New Ulm

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