Remembering Bobbi McCrea

To the editor:

Do you remember Bobbi McCrea? Do you remember how she tried to make sure each and everyone of us got help when we needed it most? Remember how she volunteered for everything? Remember how she dressed up as Wanda Gag at the Gag house? How she was helping NUACT, making it bigger and better? how she was always smiling? How she always said hello to everyone in the room?

But, will you remember her in the future? What about now? Are your memories of her fading? I know Bobbi will always be remembered in my heart. No one was more kind, more happy, more generous than Bobbi. And I don’t want to forget that.

I think it’s time to let those who didn’t know Bobbi, find out who she was, what she did, and what she stood for in our town. Bobbi always gave back to the community and it’s time to give back.

I think we should build a memorial. Something that would last forever. Something so creative, so beautiful, so perfect, Bobbi will never be forgotten.

I don’t know who to talk to to get this started. I have an Idea but I don’t have the resources except writing to the newspaper. I’m asking for help. I want to build a memorial and to build it I need everyone who knew Bobbi and even those who didn’t to help me.

My name is Cheyenne Kruse. I’m 17 years old. Bobbi was a good influence in my life. I want to remember everything about her. I loved her. I never want to forget her. So please, help me.

Cheyenne Kruse

New Ulm

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