­Changing attitudes – for some, at least

It has been a week full of reports on changing attitudes toward homosexuality.

On Sunday, Pope Francis gave an impromptu news conference on the way back to the Vatican from Brazil, telling reporters, on the issue of homosexual priests, “Who am I to judge?”

“We shouldn’t marginalize people for this. They must be integrated into society.”

While the pope’s comments signaled no shift in the Church’s stance of “hate the sin, love the sinner,” it was a much more inclusive statement than past pontiffs have made.

In Minnesota, it has been the week when new state law recognizing same sex marriages went into effect. Around the state, same sex couples who have been waiting for years to have their relationships recognized started saying their vows, some right after midnight.

While they celebrated, some groups like Minnesotans for Marriage and the Minnesota Family Council vowed to continue the fight in the next legislative election, to elect new legislators who will undo the law that just went into effect. Whether that genie will go back into the bottle remains to be seen.

Then there was the homophobic wretch who called our office Thursday and wanted to know why we ran a story with a photo of “a bunch of goddamn f—–s singing” (the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus) on the front page.

Attitudes may be changing, but hatred dies hard.

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