The kindness of a stranger

To the editor:

On Sunday, July 28, 2013, I was out at Cash Wise Store in New Ulm, having a late breakfast, visiting with some friends and then doing some shopping.

After picking up a few items, which I thought I had enough money to pay for, lo and behold I found that I was about $6 short of funds. I had to give back my $4.98 pretty, pink flowered Calendiva plant, which I had gotten to put on the window sill of my apartment.

After paying for the items that I was able to pay for, I then when to Customer Service for something. For what? I don’t even remember now.

Then over came the gal who had been behind me in Jenny’s checkout aisle, with the plant. She said that she “wanted me to have the plant.” At first I just stood there and looked at her; I was so shocked, and then I was able to finally say, “Thank you.” After I “came to,” you could say, I found out that her name was Michelle and that she was from New Ulm.

Michelle, I wanted to write a public “Thank You” note to you, with the hope that you will see my letter, or at least hear about it. How very, very kind and thoughtful of you! As I mentioned I was dumbfounded.

I can only hope that I can do something like this for you, Michelle, if we ever meet again, or do something for someone else, some day.

The plant means so much more to me now than it would ever have, had I purchased it myself. And, I will think of you whenever I look at it.

With my deepest gratitude and appreciation to you, Michelle, may the Lord bless you abundantly for your thoughtfulness and kindness to me.

From a very grateful recipient,

Diane Willard

New Ulm

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