Hoffmann:’Good for MLB to clean up game’

New Ulm native Jamie Hoffmann, who is playing for the Las Vegas 51s of the AAA Pacific Coast League, said Monday that the fact that Major League Baseball is coming down on players who used performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) is good for cleaning up the game.

“For guys who have been clean their entire careers it is frustrating to see players constantly doing [PED] and not getting punished for it,” Hoffmann said. “There is a few-game suspension but it seems like those players come back the next year and get paid more money and get more opportunities. So it is frustrating for guys who have done it right the whole time – [PED users] are basically stealing jobs from other players.”

He said that players using PEDs has been a problem for a while.

“There has not been enough punishment. The Player’s Association has stuck by their players but the players are sick of it,” Hoffmann said. “There are plenty of clean players out there that see this all happening and see nothing significant happen to the players. Some of those contracts that they are signing are getting into the millions of dollars and they are cheating. That is almost promoting cheating. This is a step in the right direction. Players are sick of it. It has tarnished baseball for years.”

Hoffmannn faces Schugel’s son

Hoffmann was signed by another former New Ulmite in Jeff Schugel back in 2003 when Schugel was a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers before going to the Angels.

This season, Hoffmann faced Schugel’s son, A.J., who is a pitcher for the Angels’ AAA team.

“We have faced A.J. a couple of times,” Hoffmann said. “And that was really funny – I had talked to A.J. before a game at our place and when we were on the road [to Salt Lake City]. He’s a good guy and is having some success. I thought that was kind of neat to see that happening – it’s a small world in baseball.”

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