A pitch for Diabetes

MINNEAPOLIS – New Ulm resident Dan Alsleben threw out the first pitch at the Minnesota Twins game last Saturday after selling the most tickets for the game for the benefit of the American Diabetes Association.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance of me being able to do that,” Alsleben said. “It was really nice to be appreciated that the Twins allowed me to do that.”

Of all the people partaking in the ticket-selling event, Alsleben’s mark of 24 was enough to get him on the mound at Target Field before the Twins took on the Houston Astros on Aug. 3.

Alsleben, who works at the New Ulm Medical Center and Taco John’s in town, said he has been raising money for the American Diabetes Association for eight years.

“We’ve been raising over $1,000 a year for them,” Alsleben said.

In addition to throwing out the first pitch before the Twins’ 6-4 win against the Astros, Alsleben got to keep the ball as well as a new Twins jersey.

Even though Alsleben said he wasn’t nervous, it was still a surreal experience for him.

“I wasn’t nervous – I don’t get nervous real easy,” Alsleben said. “I just couldn’t believe it was actually happening.”

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