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Burdorf is outstanding

THUMBS UP: If you are a regular reader of The Journal, you have seen Wil Burdorf’s picture and read his name many times as he hands out an award to a young person, or participates in some community activity, or encourages people to do something for the good of veterans or for youth.

Burdorf doesn’t really care about getting publicity for himself, but the fact that he is so often there, that he is leading, or is working for this project or that program, is proof of his worthiness for this year’s Brown County Outstanding Senior Citizen Award.

It would be hard to find anyone with his energy and dedication, regardless of their age, in New Ulm or anywhere.

Congratulations to Burdorf, and we wish him well in the Minnesota State Outstanding Senior Citizen competition at the Minnesota State Fair.

Amazing Quest!

THUMBS UP: For a lot of people, exercising for the sake of exercising can turn boring in a hurry. But if there is a reason to get out and be active, it becomes fun.

That’s why we like the idea of the Amazing Quest! being held today, starting at 10 a.m. in Hermann Heights Park. Developed by Mikyla Denny, the quest sends people walking, biking or running around to various sites in New Ulm (driving is verboten) to undertake tasks and receive clues for the next stop.

It sounds like a fun way to get people to exercise, which is why it’s being co-sponsored by Hearts Beat Back: The Heart of New Ulm.

Still time for the fair

THUMBS UP: Another fun way to get some exercise is to stroll around the Brown County Fair, which continues this weekend. There’s plenty to see and do, and a couple of trips up and down the fairgrounds are a good way to burn off some mini-donuts.

Verify the Vikings

THUMBS DOWN: It seems odd for Gov. Mark Dayton to suddenly be suspicious of the financial claims made by the Minnesota Vikings and their owner, Zygi Wilf. But in light of a New Jersey civil court case that found Wilf has been less than honest in some property development deal, Dayton called on the Stadium Authority ” to have its legal counsel assure them and the people of Minnesota that all of the representations made by the team and its owners are truthful and accurate.”

Of course, we would have hoped that the state’s various legal advisors and attorneys would have been doing this all along. The Vikings financial statements be open and its agreements and commitments should be clearly spelled out in binding legal documents, one would think.

It seems a bit late to be thinking, “Hey, can we trust these guys?” But it’s better to check it out now than be surprised later.

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