Cselovszki dominates new 4-H Llama Show

NEW ULM – McKenzie Cselovszki dominated the events of the new additional to the 4-H animal shows: the 4-H Llama Show. The event was held Saturday at the Brown County Free Fair.

This is the first competitive hosting of the event in Brown County. Denise Barker, who was the assigned judge for the event, said there are several other locations already competing in this area.

Cselovszki won Champion Showmanship and Champion Obstacle ribbons, as well as Overall Champion.

Barker said llamas are exploding as the new popular livestock. She said the trend is due to multiple forces converging at once, including certain market factors creating overbreeding of the animal, the very cheap cost of maintaining the animal, its ability to produce quality wool, their ability to guard small animals and their easy ability to be trained for sophisticated tasks. She said several other areas regularly have 50 or more animals at 4-H events. She said there were only eight llamas in this event, but people should expect the number to grow with each coming year.

This new event varied from the other 4-H livestock competitions by adding an obstacle course the llamas must nagivate on the competitive side, and a costume contest for fun at the end.

4-H Llama results

Champion Showperson: McKenzie Cselovszki

Reserve Champion Showperson: Cassidy Hacker

Champion Obstacle: McKenzie Cselovszki

Reserve Champion Obstacle: Cassidy Hacker

Champion Public Relations: Cassidy Hacker

Reserve Champion Public Relations: McKenzie Cselovszki

Overall Champion: McKenzie Cselovszki

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