Hans Joohs exchangee to work at Schell’s

NEW ULM – Sabrina Svechla, the exchangee from Germany for the Hans Joohs Exchange Program, will work on marketing for Schell’s Brewery during her stay in New Ulm. She arrived on Tuesday.

Svechla works in the Human Resources department for Uzin Utz, a flooring company in Ulm, Germany. She is also earning her master’s degree in business economics back home. She has twice previously traveled to the United States and spent a week in New York City.

She joined the Hans Joohs program because she’s interested in learning the American way of working, along with any tips she might glean to bring back home. She was fascinated by the prospect of living with a host family, which would allow her to see the average, day-to-day way of life in the United States.

Because she is a big fan of basketball in Germany, she hopes to get a chance to see a Minnesota basketball game during her visit. She might also be going on a trip with her host family to Denver.

When asked if she has noticed any different habits from back home yet, she said there are a lot more speed limit signs on the roads here and that people drive at slower speeds. She said her trip from the airport in Minneapolis to New Ulm took around two hours, but the same distance would have only taken an hour back home.

Schell’s is planning to involve Svechla in its Octoberfest activities. She will work with the brewery on a “collaboration beer” with the Golden Oxen brewery in Ulm. Brewers from Schell’s and Golden Oxen have been working together for months on this beer, and both breweries will simultaneously release their nearly identical beers in October.

Svechla has experience in marketing when she worked for a fruit and vegetable wholesaler prior to her current job.

She will live in New Ulm until Nov. 8. Following that, she plans to take a trip to Florida.

(Josh Moniz can be e-mailed at jmoniz@nujournal.com)

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