City of NU gets state money

ST. PAUL – The City of New Ulm was reimbursed $1,879 by the State of Minnesota this year for taking part in the Performance Measurement Program and follow-up survey.

The report released Friday by State Auditor Rebecca Otto included results of performance measures of cities and counties who took part in the program established by the Council on Local Results and Innovation (CLRI).

Measures were designed to aid residents, taxpayers, and state and local elected officials in determining the efficacy (effectiveness) of services provided by counties and cities, and to measure residents’ opinions of those services.

This year, 47 cities and 22 counties participated and were successfully certified by the Office of the State Auditor, according to a press release.

“The adoption and implementation of performance measures and follow-up survey are ways of opening up constructive dialogue between residents and local officials about the services their tax dollars buy,” Otto said.

The report added that cities and counties that take part in the 2013 program are not exempt from levy limits.

On May 7, 2013, the New Ulm City Council unanimously approved a resolution to adopt the implement the minimum 10 performance measures developed by CLRI. Survey results will be used in budget preparation meetings.

The resolution read that the City of New Ulm will survey its residents before the end of calendar year 2013 so results can be published and used in 2013 budget preparation meetings.

New Ulm Mayor Bob Beussman said not being exempt from levy limits may be an issue because city costs like insurance costs are rising.

“Many city expenses will be higher than last year,” Beussmann said.

New Ulm City Councilor Ken Rockvam, who offered the resolution and moved its adoption in May said the city budget process is underway and the city council will know more about it next month.

Rockvam said he feels good about city survey results. “By and large, I think things are in pretty good shape in the community,” he added.

According the New Ulm’s 2012 city survey, 110 respondents (61.1 percent) felt the city’s overall appearance was good.

Other survey results:

84.4 percent rated police protection good to excellent.

92 percent rated fire protection good to excellent.

75.45 percent rated streets satisfactory to good.

61.8 percent rated snowplowing good to excellent.

83.6 percent rated sanitary sewer services good to excellent.

78.21 percent rated water services good to excellent.

78.21 percent rated gas services good to excellent.

81.92 percent rated electrical services good to excellent.

79.89 percent rated recreational programs and facilities good to excellent.

81.76 percent rated library services good to excellent.

60.12 percent rated licensing permitting and building inspection good to excellent.

67.85 percent rated the quality and programming of the Community Access Channel satisfactory to good.

64 percent rated utility billing/finance department services good to excellent.

77.01 rated overall city services good to excellent.

Due to a slightly higher population, the City of Marshall was reimbursed $1,907 in reimbursement aid. Renville County received $2,154, McLeod County $5,055, and Lyon County $3,593 in aid.

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