Sidewalk repair

To the editor:

Last October, I was on my walk, and tripped on a raised sidewalk joint. The difference in height was more than one-half inch.

I fell, and hurt both palms, both shoulders, and both elbows. It took nine months to heal the shoulders, and almost 10 months before the pain left the right elbow.

Now there are many, many sidewalks in New Ulm that have raised edges. People, you know your sidewalks. Please fix them, by either patching a level edge, or grinding off the high part. Trees roots are a big culprit in lifting the sidewalks.

You may have an injury on your sidewalk that can permanently injure a person for life. Please get the sidewalk repaired or replaced. A lawsuit will only pay for some of the hurt in a broken body, but to be handicapped for life is not the solution. Every time we go for a walk, we have to watch all the raised edges of the different sidewalks, and cannot enjoy the flowers, the beautiful homes, or the neat kept yards.

Please fix the uneven sidewalks, epically those over 1/2-inch in height. Even those that are only on the end of a cement slab.

Harry Hofmeister

New Ulm

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