A great state fair

Summer seems to be galloping to a close. The Vikings have already closed training camp in Mankato, school teachers are heading to pre-school workshops, and most telling of all, the Minnesota State Fair is about to open.

The State Fair is a grand collection of farm and ag displays, multi-cultural exhibits, art, entertainment, and all the things your doctor doesn’t want you to eat served on a stick. It is also a grand place to keep a finger on the pulse of Minnesotans, drawing hundreds of thousands of people from all over the state to one place for ten days. Politicians love it, public pollsters love it, people who want to spread their word to a lot of people in a short time love it.

People go to the state fair for a lot of reasons. City folks like to go and get some idea what farm life is like from walking through the livestock barns and ag displays. Farm folks like to go for a taste of big city adventure. Some people go to find something new around every corner. A lot of people go to find memories from State Fairs past, to eat Mini-Donuts and Pronto-Pups and take a ride on Ye Olde Mill.

The?Minnesota State Fair is a grand finale to Minnesota’s favorite season, a final fling before school starts and the leaves start to turn. We know those who go will enjoy.

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