Beware of magazine subscription scam

To the editor:

Last week I got a letter from a magazine service in Texas. First I got a telephone call telling me my Readers Digest subscription was due to run out and I could renew it for $39.90 for two years. They said after that the price would go up very much. So I agreed to order it for that period.

She asked for my credit card number. Fortunately, I don’t use credit cards so she sent me this order invoice. For some reason I decided to call the Readers Digest office. When I got half done explaining this, the woman at R.D. said don’t send them money. This is a scam. All the Readers Digest renewals are handled at Harlan, Iowa. She further said they’ve been trying to track down these people for years and asked for their phone number and address, which I gave her. She thanked me and said everytime Readers Digest get close to catching them they move to a different location. So be warned if someone calls to offer to extend your subscription. She thanked me many more times for calling the Readers Digest office.

Joleen Huiras

Sleepy Eye

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