Back to business

For a minute there I was super glad that I was super busy Wednesday afternoon.

Then Steve sprang some unexpected news on me, regarding the Thursday morning milking.

I mean I just returned to milking Monday morning and already he was making special requests. I was only two days in and things were going to be challenging.

It all started Wednesday afternoon when the lovely weather began raising havoc with my social life.

OK, the weather hasn’t been interfering with my social life. I still manage to make it to the grocery store at least twice per week. Yes, that has been my excitement of late. Walking through the fresh green broccoli, eyeballing the birthday cakes that look so delicious and so sinful, and checking out those bags of cereal really floats my boat.

Anyway, because Cathedral shortened class days by half Tuesday and Wednesday, the spaghetti supper scheduled for the football team was canceled! I couldn’t believe it. I live for football and spaghetti.

That is my social life in the fall. Yes, I know it’s pathetic.

Because of the cancellation, Russell took the spaghetti matters into his own hands and offered up our household to the varsity football team. So as I typed this column, I had the sauce warming on the stove, and was testing the Chocolate Chip Bars for palatability.

Yes, one must ALWAYS test a dessert for quality. I think I tested enough pieces to assure the team of superb bars.

So, because Russell knows – well, I think he knows – that I love cooking for crowds, volunteering our home got me out of having to help with a little construction going on in our milking barn. Nothing big; we are just changing the exit for the cows in the milking parlor.

We decided to add a heated built-in foot bath to the exit. Jeez, now that I think about it, I don’t even have a heated foot bath. The good news is that it will have a built-in drain! Just pull the plug and watch ithe liquid go swishing down the drain to our holding tank. Woo hoo! No more dragging a 6-foot long by 2-foot wide plastic tub filled with water and hoof-care stuff to the drain.

Because our new exit requires new cement, the cows have to use a different exit. The cows were only being milked on the west side if the parlor and the east side of the parlor is now a temporary exit.

Just for the record, I always have to leave some sort of mark in new cement. When the cement crew looked away I put the sole of my shoe on the cement. Digger, our rat terrier was a bit more ballsy and again left a doggie foot print trail from one end to the other.

“We’ll be running the the cows this way tomorrow morning too,” Steve said.

Good grief. It’s my first week of being back in the barn every morning, and he springs this special instructions on me.

So much for getting out of special-needs milking routine. Surprisingly, the cows went through the parlor like it was old hat. In fact, they made way less of a mess than they usually do. Only the very last group pooped on the floor and that was because Lilly, the Great Dane, was eyeballing them through the milking parlor window.

So, my first week back in the milking parlor, after having the summer off, hasn’t been all that bad.

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