Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Hot time for workers

THUMBS UP: We who struggled this past week or so to endure the heat we encountered walking from our air conditioned cars to our air conditioned offices have a special appreciation for those who work outside. The construction crews working on road projects in town, builders, roofers, landscapers and grass mowers, postal carriers walking their routes, farmers, all have been working in some mighty inhospitable conditions.

We salute them, and offer the consolation that the weather next week is supposed to be much more pleasant.

Welcome to school

THUMBS UP: We know the transition for students moving up to a new school can be a difficult one. The sixth graders who were on top of the totem pole last year enter a different and possibly scary world at New Ulm High School where they are the newbies.

For the past few years the staff and upper class students at the high school have tried to ease that transition with a welcoming carnival the week before school. Games, activities and refreshments help the newcomers get to know the upperclassmen and help them come to school with some good experiences. The carnival was held this past Tuesday.

It’s a nice idea, and we hope it sets the tone for a happy school year.

Enjoy Riverblast

THUMBS UP: Riverblast is going on this weekend, and we hope people get a chance to get to Riverside Park, listen to some music, eat some barbecue and enjoy the Minnesota River.

Riverblast is partly entertainment, and partly an exercise in building environmental awareness about the river and its condition. The more we encounter the river, the more we’ll care about it, and the more we’ll do to help clean it up.

Happy Labor Day

THUMBS UP: The Labor Day weekend is here, and for many it is summer’s last hurrah, time for one last trip to the lake or the campgrounds. That often makes for crowded highways, lakes and rivers. We wish every a happy and relaxing holiday, and we encourage people not to forget safety. Drive carefully, and give yourself plenty of time to get where you want to go. Be careful on the water, with swimming buddies and flotation devices for all.

We hope the worst that happens is a little sunburn.

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