NFL?can afford settlement

The NFL has settled a lawsuit from former players and the survivors of former players over the issue of concussions and their impact on the later lives of those who made professional football America’s favorite game.

It is a huge settlement, one in which the NFL will pay $765 million, including awards of up to $5 million to former players with Alzheimer’s or brain damage or dementia. The league will also fund medical exams and concussion-related compensation for NFL?retirees and their families, and $10 million toward medical research.

But the NFL, with annual revenue of $10 billion, can well afford the payments.

The NFL has been taking measures to remove some of the danger from this increasingly violent game. As players have gotten bigger, stronger and faster, helmet-to-helmet hits and other dangerous blocks and tackles are banned, with hefty fines for offenders. But there is only so much the NFL can do without changing the very nature of the game.

Sadly, the NFL may have to look at making compensation funds permanent for the players who have given their health to the game.

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