Public notices, Aug. 31, 2013


(August 31, 2013)




1315 S. Broadway

New Ulm, Minnesota



fax (507)359-1161



July 23, 2013

Members present:

Peterson, Kunz, Wei-

kle, Firchau, Karl,

Ringhofer, Remus

Chairperson Peterson

called the meeting to

order at 7:06 p.m.

Motion by Karl, second

by Kunz to close the

Board meeting pur-

suant to the


privilege. Motion car-


Meeting closed at 7:07


Meeting re-opened at

8:12 p.m.

Member Remus intro-

duced the follow reso-

lution and moved its



WHEREAS, the Board

of Directors passed a

Resolution on January

22, 2013 proposing the

discipline of Mark Goo-



dall requested, as he

was entitled under

Minnesota law, a hear-

ing before a neutral ar-

bitrator over his pro-

posed discipline;

WHEREAS, the hear-

ing was conducted

from April 16 to April

18, 2013;

WHEREAS, the neu-

tral arbitrator issued a

decision dated June

27, 2013 finding that

the “District has esta-

blished that Mr. Goo-

dall engaged in con-

duct unbecoming a

teacher, but not the

other grounds asserted

under Minn. Stat.

122A.40, subdivision

13. In addition, the

record supports the

conclusion that Mr.

Goodall’s conduct

could have been

remediable. Under

these circumstances,

the District’s proposed

immediate discharge

of Mr. Goodall should

be denied and reduced

to a suspension of

twenty days.”

WHEREAS, the Min-

nesota Government

Data Practices Act

states that “the final

disposition of any dis-

ciplinary action togeth-

er with the specific

reasons for the action

and data documenting

the basis of the action”

is public information,

“excluding data that

would identify confi-

dential sources who

are employees of the

public body” (Minn.

Stat. 13.43, sub.




the Board of Directors

of the River Bend Edu-

cation District as fol-


1. The Board of

Directors ack-

nowledges receipt of

the Arbitrator’s deci-

sion dated June 27,


2. In light of the Ar-

bitrator’s conclusion

that Mr. Goodall en-

gaged in conduct un-

becoming a teacher

but that such conduct

may be remediable,

Mr. Goodall is hereby

suspended, without

pay, for a period of

twenty (20) workdays.

The exact dates of the

suspension will be

negotiated between le-

gal counsel for the

District and legal coun-

sel for Mr. Goodall’s


3. Since a final

disposition of Mr. Goo-

dall’s discipline has

now occurred, the

specific reasons for

the discipline and data

documenting the basis

of the discipline are

public information. The

Arbitrator’s award

states the reasons for

and contains the data

documenting the basis

of the discipline and is,

therefore, a public do-


4. The Director is

directed to provide a

copy of this Resolution

to Mr. Goodall. The

Director is further

directed to place a

copy of the arbitration

award and this Resolu-

tion in Mr. Goodall’s

personnel file. The

award and this Resolu-

tion must be attached

to the previous letter

and Resolution propos-

ing his discipline to re-

flect the Arbitrator’s

direction to correct Mr.

Goodall’s personnel

records to reflect the


5. The Director is

directed to furnish Mr.

Goodall with a letter of

assignment for the

2013-14 school year

reflecting that he has

been assigned to work

in Districts 84 and 88.

6. The Director is

directed to ensure that

all School Psycholo-

gists rotate among the

Member Districts and

Member Charter

Schools no less fre-

quently than every five

(5) school years. If

any School Psycholo-

gist has been assigned

to a particular Member

District or Charter

School for five (5) or

more years, the Direc-

tor is further directed

to assign that School

Psychologist to dif-

ferent Member

District(s) and/or Char-

ter School(s).

The motion for the

adoption of this forego-

ing resolution was duly

seconded by Member

Karl and upon vote be-

ing taken thereon, the

following voted in favor


Peterson, Kunz, Wei-

kle, Firchau, Karl,

Ringhofer, Remus

And the following vot-

ed against the same:


Whereupon said reso-

lution was declared

duly passed and


Motion by Weikle,

second by Karl to ap-

prove the agenda as

amended. Motion car-


Motion by Weikle,

second by Ringhofer

to approve the June

25, 2013 minutes as

presented. Motion car-


Motion by Firchau,

second by Kunz to ap-

prove the bills paid as

listed by the July

check registers and

June and July 2013

wire payments. Motion


Motion by Remus,

second by Firchau to

begin construction on

an attached storage

space utilizing Erick-

sen Construction and

Developing, LLC utiliz-

ing remaining con-

struction funds. Motion


Director Toninato up-

dated the Board on

River Bend programs

and services.

Motion by Remus,

second by Karl to ap-

prove the resignation

of Robyn Stark, Men-

tal Health Practitioner,

effective immediately.

Motion carried.

Motion by Karl, second

by Remus to advertise

the position of Mental

Health Practitioner for

the TEAM Program.

Motion carried.

Motion by Remus,

second by Ringhofer

to approve the job

description revisions

for the School

Psychologist, ECSE

Lead Teacher, and Au-

tism Resource Spe-

cialist positions. Mo-

tion carried.

The meeting was ad-

journed at 8:52 p.m.

The next meeting of

the River Bend Educa-

tion District Board will

be August 27, 2013 at

7:00 p.m.

Linda Beck

Administrative Secre-


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